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Vietnam Silicon Valley, A $400,000 Project to Craft Own Technological Industry

Vietnam Silicon Valley, A $400,000 Project to Craft Own Technological Industry

Vietnam stands to spend an amazing amount for their exclusive project code named: The Vietnam Silicon Valley. This $400,000 Dollar project aims to build a revolutionized Technological Industry for Startups as wells as the technological giants around the globe as they aim to provide a very idealized plot for this so called Vietnam Silicon Valley.

Vietnam has made a name for one of the fastest growing nations to spread the availability of internet population and they are, with all efforts, involving government interests for all sorts of fields and experiments.

Here goes the Official Statement from the Authorities:

The Project seeks to create an ecosystem of innovations and technologyGoogle Nexus 5. Read more ... » commercialization in Vietnam –by combing our Vietnamese entrepreneurial spirit and innovativeThe Most Innovative Companies in the World. Read more ... » nature with the most successful practices America has to offer in start-up development and mentoring, accelerators, and venture capital funding and investing. And like America and Korea, the Government provides the needed support for stimulating start-up growth and funding.

With these ideal set of ideas, the world expects a lot of transformation, based on a span of half a decade start up scene. Vietnam Silicon Valley aims to make their aims and milestones their objectives and hope to achieve this dream as soon as possible. Because this can be a step towards the revolutionize Vietnam’s present and most probably the upcoming technological industry future.

The NSA managed to probably leak a horrid looking displaying chart which shows how the Vietnam Silicon Valley shall function via the view of authority’s aims and views.

Vietnam Silicon Valley

By the seriousness of Vietnam’s aim to come forward in technological advancements, they do have given promising views which shall fully satisfy companiesThe Most Innovative Companies in the World. Read more ... » with exits, globally. There also may be a catch that Vietnam Silicon Valley may take hold of some licenses, deals, and other programs. As this $400,000 dollar project is strickly aligned with the Vietnamese Government.  Although the real deal is not here yet and the world is anxious to know what they have to offer.

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