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Million Lines of Code – A Visual Demonstration

Million Lines of Code – A Visual Demonstration

A Million Lines of Code. How much is it? Enough to hold in a a complex series of brain related calculations? A Million-th numberis something far away as considered for any parametric variable. Say you were considering Apples, so now you can easily imagine how much apples you would see if you were looking at a Million Apples. Gosh!

The Following Visualization is going to demonstrate you how much programming is required to run a specific task by computing machines. A Million Lines of Code, when printed out, would be 18,000 Pages stacked up. And a typical 20 pound paper stack would be almost six feet tall. Ironically, it would weigh around a hundred and eighty pounds but actually this operating lines is mass-less; it would live upon a fraction of a single silicon chip forever. Almost like a DNADNA Activation Oracle Cards - iOS App Review. Read more ... » code, a human-readable description that mainly requires more mass than its actual weightage.  It would account for almost 20 Million Instructions, over 600 Million instructional bits. And whats more is that it is not genetically structured DNA, which would eventually, in some complex ways, repair itself as everyone of it has to be Perfect. The man-engineered programming code has to be distinctly perfect, otherwise a single mistake error could cause greater or lesser programming failure.

A Million lines of Code is as long as 14 replicas of  The War And Peace, 25 copies of Ulysses, 63  of  The Catcher in the Rye,  66 copies of K&R’s C Programming Language

A Million Lines of Code would restrict 67 people for about 40 Months, Which would cost at about $40 – $60 Million. And we seems to think that fresh programs and their working software updates are here for granted and we mostly term as minor updates saying, “hey, its only a software change”.

Well this post is specifically produced to let people understand the worth of a few written lines made support man leisure.

Lets See where A Million Lines of Code Stand …

View and Zoom Image here http://bit.ly/17yO6yN

A Precious Document on the following Topic: Million Lines of Code http://bit.ly/17BqXB0

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