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CES 2014 – Best Gadgets Gallery

CES 2014 – Best Gadgets Gallery

Las Vegas is the place where this magic is happening at the moment. The Consumer Electronic Show 2014 or should we pronounce it CES 2014, is happening right now as we write to the world. The show is commencing with full speed ahead and awesome gadgets are being revealed every minute. Calling the unveiling of gadgets every minute is just a feeling of the number of gadgets and their variations being announced at CES today.

Team TrendenasiaJolla Phone Specification - Sailfish OS. Read more ... » is coming forth to continuously update this blog post for the latest gadgets being unveiled as on the basis of their interest. And by that we mean, every bit of CES 2014 is going to be of our interest. Stay Tuned…

CES 2014 – Best Gadget Picks

LG 77-inch Flexible 4K OLED TV

CES 2014

LG revealed their LG 77-inch Flexible 4K OLED TV which is one of the very exciting TV that is capable of adjusting Ultra HD curvature using only the TV Remote. This feature adds viewing flexibility and more accurate color composition with a whole new experience.


LG announced their WEBOS addition to the world of Consumer Television Market at CES 2014. It is a redefined version of what we saw on the Pre Palm Tablet with all new, fast and accurate multitasking capabilities. This feature stands out in the market as user can switch to their favorite programs within moments.

Martin Notifier SmartWatch

The $129 Dollar Martin Notifier smart-watch alerts users with a classic style and navigation and hopes to take customers with its price point

Pebble SmartWatches

Pebble has transitioned from KickStarter techApple iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C. Read more ... » to a favourite Classy Smartwatch Brand with the revealing of Pebble Steel at CES 2014.

Sony Wearable Core

Mr. Kuni Suzuk made the announcement of Sony’s new wearable tech, Core, at CES 2014. He refered to it as the heart of Sony’s wearable technologyGoogle Nexus 5. Read more ... » and also the smartest device ever made by Sony themselves.

Sony Wearable Core

A Device which is a combination of a Smartphone and a fitness Tracker and tracks your exercise as it updates call logs, email, calender and tweets

LG gets fit with new Lifeband Touch


LG’s Lifeband Touch is a wearable tracker for fitness that was shown off at CES 2014

iHealth unveils new wearables for health monitoring

iHealth revealed their three new wearables at CES that are specifically designed for health tracking. A Wearable Pulse Oximtre, An Ambulatory Blood Pressure tracker, and ;astly a Wireless Ambulatory ECG Monitor.

EPSON - Eyes and Wrists Wearables

Epson also unvield their product rivaling the GoogleGoogle. Inc. Read more ... » Glass at CES 2014, The  Moverio BT-200 Smart Glasses and Pulsense Wearable Wristband plus smartwatches

STEAM Machines

A number of Computer vendors have shaken hands with STEAM to make computers with STEAM OS as their primary objective. This will give rise to a variety of gaming consoles as we saw in the Market

Sooba 450 by iRobot

A Floor Scrubbing Robot

Sample Heading

The Replicator Series launched by MakerBot. The Replicator Mini and Replicator Z18.


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